Polytron oil increases reliability, eliminates wear and provides a greater safety in operation of equipment.

Heavy machinery has to withstand some of the most difficult conditions. For deep drilling, mining, agriculture, stone quarries, or any other form of heavy industry. Even in the event of a sudden oil loss, Polytron temporarily protects the equipment from catastrophic damage.

Lithium-based Vaseline

Polytron EP-2 grease is a high quality lubricant for multiple applications and a wide range of temperatures. EP-2 is prepared with lithium complex soap, high-quality base oils and the scientifically designed Polytron recipe for anti-wear, to reduce friction, with other additives that contribute to its outstanding qualities of water resistance and protection against rust and corrosion.

  • Eliminates wear by up to 99% and reduces maintenance costs by up to 60%
  • Protects equipment during temporary grease loss
  • Excellent behavior in harsh conditions of pressure and temperature
  • Rejects water and provides protection against corrosion
  • Do not soften excessively during high speed operation in bearings
  • Excellent for automotive and industrial equipment
  • Cars, trucks, railway vehicles, boats
  • Suspension joints and bushes
  • Gimbal joints, pinion and rack gears
  • Electric motors

Penetrating Lubricant

Polytron penetrating lubricant contain MTC and is scientifically combined to be most effective whenever rust, corrosion, or resistance is a influencing factor. PL not only penetrates through extreme rust and corrosion, but also treats the metal surface to reduce friction and eliminate wear. The use of this product ensures the smooth, long-lasting operation of any metal mechanism.

  • Rapid penetration, removes rust and corrosion, increases drilling speed
  • Eliminates wear, lubricates and protects as it penetrates
  • Reduces energy consumption, temperature and noise when used as a lubricant
  • Cleans and delays electrical corrosion
  • Hinges, locks, valves, taps
  • Electric and pneumatic tools, drill bits, taps
  • Electric battery terminals
  • Moving parts in engines
  • Slides, guides, grooves

Concentrate for metal treatment

Designed to withstand heavy loads and extreme pressures

  • Optimizes the efficiency of the running gear
  • Easier gearshift - reduces transmission vibration
  • Reduces friction and heat
  • Patented extreme pressure (EP) additive
  • Will not void warranties - backed by our product liability insurance
  • Contributes to increasing fuel economy
  • Improved output power - less torque loss
  • Compatible with all metal components and seals
  • Compatible with all gear oils, mineral and synthetic and hydraulic fluids or pressurized fluids

Polytron for metal treatment provides optimal protection for industrial, differential and hydraulic transmission systems where extreme pressures, heavy loads and high operating temperatures are present. Polytron is formulated to provide optimal protection in a wide range of industrial applications, including differentials, transmission mechanisms and hydraulic systems.

Polytron contains a package of carefully combined anticorrosive agents, multifunctional cleaning agents and antioxidants, and Polytron lubricant for patented extreme pressures, designed to alleviate problems with equipment operated at high operating temperatures and extreme friction.

Many of the moving parts and metal surfaces in the transmission, differential and hydraulic applications are subjected to considerable heat and friction, caused by heavy loads. Both Polytron tests and customer feedback have shown that Polytron lowers indoor oil temperatures in these applications by up to 20ºC.

Antioxidants used in Polytron have been specially selected to improve the protection of oils and liquids used in industrial applications. The product forms a protective film by adhering to metal surfaces, significantly increasing tolerance to heat and extreme pressures. Extreme pressure additive works to reduce friction while cleaning agent multifunctional reduces the accumulation of sludge that forms as the oil deteriorates and ages.

Polytron is compatible with all hydraulic oils. In hydraulic applications, extreme heat and pressure can cause the metal to expand and increase the level of friction and wear. EP Polytron lubricant patented will reduce the extreme working pressures that are present in many hydraulic applications, reducing temperatures and significantly increasing the service life of your hydraulic equipment.

Polytron is compatible with all power steering units and its use will result in easier steering control. The multifunctional cleaner will clean dirty pumps, improving oil flow and increasing the service life of the power steering unit.

Polytron it can be used for both manual and automatic transmissions to control heat, which is an important factor in the transmission mechanism failure. Clutch discs require friction to operate efficiently, and friction, in turn, generates large amounts of heat. Clutch discs can be made of a variety of materials, such as Kevlar and Phedic and silicone resins.

The addition of Polytron will not cause slipping, as the product does not affect the integrity of these materials. Polytron will reduce the heat level inside the clutch housing and extend the life of the clutch fluid.

Polytron is especially beneficial when added to the hubs of planetary mechanisms, such as those found in agricultural machinery. Polytron reduces operating temperatures and protects against dust.

In the shipbuilding industry, corrosion and clogging are major problems. Anticorrosive additive of the Polytron product provides protection against corrosion, while the cleaning agents in the product prevent the accumulation of sludge.

  • Transmission mechanisms should be subjected to maintenance operations before being treated with Polytron.
  • Initial treatments with Polytron can lead to the formation of sediments and excessive deposits. This phenomenon is normal due to the cleaning action of the cleaning agents and will be resolved after a maximum of three treatments. This should be taken into account when analyzing the oil, as the initial results may indicate higher values.
  • Polytron is compatible for use in all types of differentials, including self-locking and Posi-Trac differentials, and is compatible with Mercon and Dexron fluids.
  • Do not overload the transmission mechanisms, differentials, intermediate gearboxes or power steering tanks.
  • Polytron is not compatible with brake fluids and should never be added to the main cylinders of the brake system. It should be noted that some hydraulic clutch systems use brake fluid and not hydraulic oil. Polytron should not be added to these systems. If you are unsure, consult the Polytron technical department.
  • Polytron is NOT suitable for use in some wet clutches.
  • Consult the Polytron technical department.
  • Polytron is non-corrosive and does not affect seals or gaskets. It is a treatment for metals and treats only metal surfaces. It will not repair damaged seals or gaskets that are already hardened and cracked.
  • Polytron is not intended for gears that have sheared or are about to lock, unless it is due to overheating and has not yet led to welding.
  • Polytron is not a universal remedy for all pre-existing mechanical problems. In some cases, the cleaning effects may expose pre-existing problems, such as damaged seals or gaskets.

Initial treatment

  • Add 10% of the treated tank volume to Polytron. Check the oil or hydraulic fluid after 15 hours of operation or 1,500 km and replace if necessary.

Subsequent treatments

  • Add Polytron at 10% of the volume of the treated tank to each oil change according to the equipment manufacturer's recommendations.