How the Polytron additive works

The oil to which it was added Polytron oil additive forms a bond with the treated metal surface. This connection is even stronger where excessive heat has accumulated due to friction between two metal surfaces.

Most oils would be exposed to lower thermal viscosity and would tend to flow away from these areas, exposing the metal to wear, while Polytron acts directly on wear points or hot spots, so protection is achieved where it is needed most.

The layer created reduces friction and helps protect the parts of your equipment in the most difficult conditions.

Rubbing breaks the fluid film of lubricant between surfaces; causes wear or loss of metal, gripping, breaking and welding between metal surfaces; releases energy in the form of heat, which can have a negative effect on the mechanism and contaminates the lubricants used.

Polytron oil additive is a new lubricant that takes normal lubrication one step further, by the fact that it not only has a superior strength of the film, but also impregnates the metal itself, from a metallurgical point of view, on the friction surfaces.