Polytron oil additive

It is a specialized additive with resistance properties to extreme pressures (EP agent). It is obtained by the "chemical" treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Polytron additives and oils contain only pure oil and petroleum additives, and work without the negative aspects of solid particle additives. Our product mixes easily with other lubricants and is useful for an initial mixture of 10%.

Most motor oils are either mineral (paraffin, naphthenic, asphalt), synthetic (esters, polymers), solids (graphite, molybdenum disulfide, Teflon ™), or grease (oils with various organic or inorganic thickeners). Several additives are available for these products that serve as corrosion inhibitors, rust inhibitors, etc.

Modern motor oils, for example, usually contain 8-10 different additives, representing 15-20% of the volume of an oil container, the rest being refined oil or synthetic oil.

The exclusive advantages of Polytron products

  • Extraordinary adhesion effect due to its ionic charge, which means that our oil molecule will not "leak" easily when the engine or other equipment is stopped. Instead, it will adhere to the surface of the metal, and will considerably reduce the wear phenomena at the "dry start".
  • The ability to impregnate the crystalline surface structure of metals, which cannot then be destroyed without its immediate automatic replacement.
  • Surprisingly lower friction values, which remain essentially permanent on the treated metal surfaces.
  • Their effect of hardening and regeneration, constantly replaceable, on worn friction surfaces.

Our additive does not contain, in any form, solid or semi-solid particles, such as graphite, molybdenum, lead, copper, ceramic or TeflonTM. This is not a viscosity enhancer. It is, in fact, an extremely necessary advance in the field of lubrication engineering.