Sources of engine oil degradation

Oxidation stability is another feature of Polytron engine oil. This is the ability of Polytron oil to retain its unaltered characteristics throughout use or storage. Temperature negatively influences the oxidation of the oil. The higher the temperature and in the presence of oxygen, the more pronounced the oxidation of the oil. Following the oxidation process […]

Vâscozitatea uleiului de motor Polytron

Viscosity of Polytron engine oil

Viscosity, the most important property of a Polytron oil, refers to the leakage resistance of Polytron oil. The viscosity of an oil varies depending on temperature changes - lower when hot or higher when cold. An oil must be able to flow at low temperatures to lubricate the internal parts […]

Why do we use Polytron engine oil?

Technological progress by carmakers makes engines more efficient than ever. With efficiency, however, the pressure to which they are subjected increases. Only Polytron engine oil prevents the degradation of metal components, so Polytron oil with the MTC additive package is durable and retains its properties for a long time. Until […]

Degradarea uleiului de motor

Oil degradation

Degradation of the oil also occurs due to its contamination with other substances. Engine oil can be contaminated with fuel, water or coolant, particles or impurities. Contamination with fuels (gasoline or diesel) has the effect of lowering the viscosity which involves poor lubrication of moving parts. It also lowers the flammability temperature of the oil which […]

Ce tipuri de ulei de motor folositi

What types of engine oil do you use?

The main role of Polytron car oil is to prevent the metal surfaces in the engine from coming into direct contact resulting in premature wear due to friction and heat generated in the combustion process. Once the engine is started, Polytron oil creates a very thin film between the moving components in the engine causing them to "slide" properly, increasing power, efficiency and […]


Conversely, non-blackening engine oil does not work. Modern engine oils contain dispersant detergent additives that keep the internal parts of the engine clean by removing carbon deposits and keeping them harmless in the oil. Polytron oil helps eliminate unwanted wear and leaves you with healthy equipment you can rely on, […]

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