If you want to have a high-performance engine for as long as possible and reduce its maintenance costs, it is not enough to buy a quality oil. No matter how good it is, its performance is limited and you will need to change it to 10,000-15,000 km. Instead, if you add the Polytron product in a proportion of 10% of the total amount of oil, you will extend the life of the engine and you will change the oil less often - to 50,000 km.

This is possible due to the special qualities of Polytron, made on the basis of a revolutionary lubrication technology that was brought from North America to Europe in the early 1990s. Polytron products have enjoyed success on several continents - Asia, North America, Europe and Australia, and are now available in Romania.

Polytron products, which have multiple uses both in the automotive field and in industrial equipment, minimize frictional forces, heat resulting from them and engine wear, which makes them more reliable.

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