Polytron additives increase the reliability and eliminate wear on your equipment. Even in the event of a sudden oil loss, Polytron temporarily protects the engine from catastrophic damage.

Polytron increases the longevity of your equipment better than any other product. Furthermore, Polytron fuel additive allows a more efficient and considerably cleaner combustion in your engine, increasing the efficiency of the fuel used.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner

It offers the optimal solution for low quality diesel and for fuel system deposits

  • Substantial improvement in fuel economy
  • Superior injector and fuel system cleaning
  • Increased cetane
  • Decreased emissions and black smoke
  • Enhanced lubricity
  • Excellent corrosion control
  • Excellent demulse and haze control
  • Significantly extended injector life

Polytron diesel additive is an advanced treatment for diesel fuel system, formulated using state-of-the-art technology, to provide the industry with the optimal solution for deposits in the lower quality diesel and diesel fuel system.

Diesel additive is the first of a new generation of fuel treatments, integrating a modern, proactive approach to prevention with the conventional reactive approach currently favored by additives and fuel treatment manufacturers in the accessory market. This makes that Polytron diesel additive to be the first truly smart fuel solution.

The development of diesel additive is the result of high quality research and analysis of current refining additives and those added to pipelines, used by the petrochemical industry in diesel production flows for wholesale and retail trade.

Because Polytron diesel additive is an integrated fuel treatment package, the product works proactively to improve the quality of diesel and prevent the formation of deposits, while also working in a similar way to conventional diesel treatments, helping to alleviate major problems, such as corrosion, poor fuel efficiency and high emissions, resulting from problems with diesel quality and deposits.

Polytron diesel additive is an integrated treatment package designed to bring significant, immediate and measurable improvements to the functional profile of a wide range of diesel flows.

Diesel additive was developed to ensure that the diesel flow will not only meet but exceed the requirements of ASTM D975 - Standard Lubrication Specifications for Diesel, an essential element for any Diesel engine operator.

Polytron will improve and enhance the functionality of diesel in the following areas:

  • Increase the base fuel’s cetane number
  • Improve the fuel’s ability to lubricate; particularly the fuel pump and top end
  • Provide oxidation stability
  • Prevent filter blocking
  • Reduce the presence of water and sediments
  • Protect against metal corrosion
  • Significantly reduce foaming particularly when using hi-flow diesel fuel pumps
  • Cleanup and prevent both carbonaceous and zinc deposit types in both DI and IDI engines

Polytron diesel additive proactively improves the functional characteristics of all basic diesel qualities, offering operators a wide range of benefits, which will ensure:

  • Large, measurable reductions in pollutant emissions, in particular NOx, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter
  • Reducing black and white smoke emissions that occur during normal engine start-up and operation
  • Extending the service life of fuel injectors and pumps
  • Significant improvements to injector deposits on DI and IDI engines
  • Optimization of engine power, resulting in reduced engine noise and failures
  • Reducing the formation of sludge in the tank
  • Measurable increases in fuel efficiency
  • Reducing foaming and fuel leakage while filling the tank at high flow

Initial treatment

  • To get the most out of your Polytron diesel additive, you should use an initial "cleaning" treatment of 2 ml / liter of diesel for the first 25 hours of operation or 1,500 km. This ensures that any existing zinc or carbon deposits are removed from the fuel system.

Permanent treatment

  • The fuel must then be treated with 1 ml / liter of fuel. Contact our technical support department for further recommendations on treatment doses.

Gasoline Fuel Conditioner

Provides maximum performance and efficiency for gasoline engines.

  • Improves mileage and performance
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Maximises power and compression
  • Optimises engine performance
  • Cleans and lubricates carburettors, injectors, rotary fuel pumps and the top end
  • Compatible with leaded and unleaded petrols
  • Improves cold start
  • Keeps fuel tanks and fuel lines water and fungus free - extending the life of fuel
  • Pure petroleum based
  • Formulated to prevent corrosion
  • Will not void warranties - backed by our product liability insurance

Polytron gasoline additive is a complex blend of petrochemicals, designed to oxygenate and improve the combustion characteristics of fuel (with or without lead), regardless of the octane number. It is formulated for use on any petrol or alcohol-powered engines (even propane and natural gas).

Gasoline additive improves the smoothness of the fuel, covering all metal surfaces in the entire fuel system and the top of the engine with a protective layer, reducing friction and wear. Polytron will cover the entire top (injectors, carburetors, spark plugs and valves) and fuel pumps with molecules, preventing the accumulation of hydrocarbons and increasing engine life.

Polytron improves the combustion structure by increasing the temperature and amount of oxygen available in the fuel. This means that when the fuel burns, oxygen has already been introduced into the chemical composition of the fuel and becomes an essential component.
The net result is that the fuel ignites and burns faster, at a higher temperature and more completely, so that more energy is released. In terms of emissions, this means that levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) will be dramatically reduced.

  • The process of cleaning the tank and fuel lines can clog the fuel filters. It is recommended that you check the fuel filters after the first two tanks when using Polytron and replace them if necessary.
  • Using smaller amounts than recommended will reduce the effectiveness.
  • Most modern cars today can run very well on regular unleaded gasoline using Polytron.
  • Polytron petrol additive is non-corrosive.

Initial treatment

  • To get the maximum benefits from Polytron gasoline additive, for the first 25 hours of operation or 1,500 km you should use an initial "cleaning" treatment of 2 ml / liter of petrol. This ensures that any existing zinc or carbon deposits are removed from the fuel system.

Permanent treatment

  • The fuel must then be treated with 1 ml / liter of fuel. Contact our technical support department for further recommendations on treatment doses.

Engine Treatment

Cleans, lubricates and protects

  • Engineered for internal combustion engines including two-stroke
  • Reduces friction and wear - optimizes engine performance
  • Compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils
  • Will not void warranties - backed by our product liability insurance
  • Pure petroleum based
  • Does not contain solids, Teflon ™ or other corrosive elements
  • Formulated to prevent corrosion

Polytron for engine treatment is a unique metal treatment product, 100% pure petroleum based, which is compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils. It is specially designed for use in all engines Diesel, on gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Polytron contains antioxidants that increase the tolerance of engine oil to high operating temperatures. This results in increased lubrication over a longer period of time. The product is non-corrosive and is compatible with all metals and engine seals. Because Polytron does not contain solid lubricants, it does not produce sludge specific to other products.

Polytron helps to interrupt the heat cycle caused by friction. Constant friction can eventually cause the engine to malfunction. As the temperature of the engine oil rises, it becomes thinner and flows away from the heat source. Polytron is designed to provide a protective layer on all metal surfaces inside the engine. This protective layer provides a constant protection especially during cold starts, when engine oil it was deposited at the bottom of the bathroom.

  • A quieter and smoother engine with a lighter and quicker throttle response
  • An increase in top-end RPM
  • Less decrease in speed while hill-climbing requiring fewer gear changes
  • Easier cold weather starting reducing wear and tear on engines
  • Releasing of piston rings that are fouled or frozen from hydrocarbon residue
  • Reduction in oil consumption
  • Reduced oil contaminates increasing oil protection resulting in less downtime
  • Maximising of compression and horsepower especially noted whilst towing or hill climbing
  • Improvement in fuel efficiency
  • Reduction in Hydrocarbon residue allowing smoother piston movement
  • Significant reduction in: Black and White smoke, Particulates, NOx and other greenhouse gases
  • Polytron will not undo pre-existing wear, but could help extend engine life
  • When using Polytron for the first time on older machines or machines with an unknown operating history, it is important to follow the instructions in "initial treatment”on the product label.
  • When performing the oil analysis, the first few samples after the addition of Polytron may show high values. This phenomenon is normal and occurs as a result of the cleaning action of the product. Further oil analysis will indicate substantial reductions in particle values.
  • While Polytron can be added to oil in any condition, its abilities will be enhanced when added to fresh, clean oil.
  • You must be careful not to overload the engine.
  • The addition of Polytron can increase the idle speed due to reduced friction. Adjust the idle speed to the setting recommended by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Turbochargers - Polytron will reduces friction and heat related to turbochargers and will prevent carbon buildup.
  • Polytron is not a universal remedy for mechanical problems. In some cases, the cleaning effects of Polytron may expose pre-existing problems, such as seals or damaged gaskets.
  • Polytron for engine treatment It is compatible with any type of metal components and seals.

Initial treatment

  • Add Polytron in 10% of the volume of the bath, using the existing oil. Run the engine for approximately 1,200 km or 8 hours before changing oil and replacing the oil filter.

Subsequent treatments

  • Add 10% of the bath volume to each oil change according to the engine manufacturer's recommendations.